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model highlighting storms trying to fire off northeastern maryland and working westward. we will see that and storms across the extreme southern maryland continuing to regenerate themselves but basically, from mid morning through midday, in the afternoon we will generate showers and storms. that will hold our temperatures down to about 90, 92. but the locally heavy downpours could be torrential and lead to localized flooding. there's a lot of moisture and energy in the atmosphere and they are waiting to be released. look out for that. probably not the best afternoon to be outside but it could be the best afternoon for your gardens as we are waiting for the drink. even the lawns that are parched and brown could use added moisture. we pull truss back and will improve -- pull temperatures back and we could improve. right now let's see what's happening on the road. >> reporter: 95 southbound to the beltway, no incidents in your way. we have the usual volume there now. let's look at the beltway. at liberty road, we have the outer loop with the heavier traffic to the left of your
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screen. and it's moving though through the construction area. no problems to report on the inner loop. and hampstead a accident with a fuel spill in the cleanup stages. that's 30 northbound at 482. megan. >> thanks. news time 6:01. he is just 7 months old and this morning, he is at the center of a desperate search. police say that this boy went missing from his west baltimore home and he is believed to be with his 16-year-old baby- sitter. linda so is live downtown in baltimore where police are looking for this baby. linda. >> reporter: well, the search has gone beyond baltimore city. police have reason to believe the baby-sitter may be closer to the dc area and let's show you a picture of what the girl looks like. her name is jonae boozer with a blonde mohawk hair style and pierceings on lip, nose and eyebrow. on sunday, family and friends pleaded for the baby's safe return. his mother, whitney mcgee, just wants him back home. the teen was last seen walking
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away with 7-month-old ki' yauhn birch. the baby's father asked jonae to watch the baby to so cogo down the street for cigarettes e said he didn't know jonae but she happened to come to the house with a friend. police have since questioned the father. >> just watch him and make sure he doesn't put nothing in his mouth. that's what i told her and. [audio not understandable] i was down there telling them i am not lying. >> reporter: police are considering this a missing person's case. not an abduction. they don't believe the baby has been harmed. again they have reason to believe the 16-year-old baby- sitter is in the -- c. area closer to pg county or montgomery county. live in -- d.c. area closer to pg county or montgomery county. live, linda so, abc2 news.
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alcohol and speeds appear to be factors in a crash that killed a pasadena man. the 52-year-old james cockrell was on a homemade motorcycle with a group of other riders. another rider wrecked trying to avoid an oncoming car that may have crossed the center line andcockrell was thrown from his bike and lost his life. friday, there was a car bombing in oslo and then an hour later nearly 100 people were killed on the island of north of oslo. authorities are looking into a 1500 page document from the suspect in all of this, anders brivik. sherrie johnson is here with thest on -- latest on the detail. >> reporter: we learned that crown princess merit
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stepbrother was among those kid in the island massacre and french police are raiding the house of the father of anders breivik searching for more evidence. he will be arraigned in court at around 7 a.m. he is charged with a car bombing friday that killed 7 peoplefollowed by a savage shoting -- shooting spree at a youth camp where the dead are being counted. under 100 people were killed but the number is expected to rise because some are still missing. hours before the attack, he posted a political manifesto online. it reveals an intense fear that muslims will dominate europe and anger -- an ainge are he blames on the government for doing nothing and a belief a christian crusade is a solution. survivors are dazed by the brush with death. >> i feel the warmth from the barrel when he pulled the trigger. >> having to commit the acts, but in his head they were necessary. >> reporter: now once again,
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anders breivik will be arraigned in about an hour. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> for more information on the -- for more information on the bombing suspect go to abc 2 click on news tab and look under world. we have video from that attack. the woman who accuseddominic strauss-kahn of assault is going public with her story. the former head of the imf pled not guilty to the charges and is expected to reject a plea deal. the maid spoke with robin roberts and you can see a complete interview this morning. well, the fall deadline is looming and president obama and top congressional leaders from both parties are working on an emergency plan to raise that debt ceiling. listen. >> the truth is neither party is blameless. and both parties have a responsibility to do something about it. every day, families are
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figuring out how to stretch the paychecks. >> august 2nd is just more than a week away and that's when the government warns it will not be able to meet fiscal obligations. president obama made it clear he opposes any short-term solution in this matter. while we are spending of government fund, ballmore seniors and community leaders plan a rally against a proposed cuts to medicare and medicaid and social security. now the event starts tonight at 6 at the u.s. social security administration building on security boulevard. we have been saying the end is almost near and today, it could finally be true. >> after meeting debt negotiation another stalemate, the nfl lockout could be coming to a close. most 7-year-olds are spending free time playing with friend. but we will introduce you to a young author and the inspiration behind his success. and scamming your money over the phone got easier for crooks. we will tell you new ways they are trying to get their hands
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in your pocket. that's straight ahead. but first, up to new york for the latest in business news including details of how airlines are benefiting from the debt talks stalemate. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money, the markets worry about the u.s. debt stalemate and investors are concerned there's no agreement on how to cut the deficit and raise the debt ceiling and the risk the u.s. could lose its aaa credit rating. some airline tax expire but airfares stayed the same as nearly all the airlines raised their fares. the tax holiday could end any time as soon as congress again funds the faa u.s. automakers and autoworkers union opened talks on a new labor contract and the uaw chief negotiator says adding jobs is going to be a top priority. and captain america was a true super hero at the box office this weekend. the film took in 66 million dollars better than a studio
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expected. every super hero film this summer has opened at number one. and that's a look at america's money. i am rob nelson. ♪ [ rock ]
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don't just think about it. introducing lendingtree's free "look before you lock" tool. enter the terms of your existing loan offer to instantly find out how it compares to other offers, areas you may be overpaying, and even negotiation points to help you get a better deal. only at lendingtree. welcome back. calling consumer service is anything but fun but the latest scam could mean you will be annoyed by more than just a wait time. abc2's joce sterman explains how scammers are busting into calls trying to get their hands on your money. >> reporter: we are used to hearing about scamers who worm into your life by dialing you making all kinds of claims to get you to give up information. but conart it don't have to place a call -- artist don't have to place a call they -- conartist don't have to place a call they bust into one.
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>> it can happen to you when you are on the phone and your phone can be hacked in. >> reporter: but angie barnett says it's hard to tell what's happening. the bbb is hearing complaints from people who called their cable company then put on hold and someone jumps on the line. >> somebody says that congratulations there's a 100th caller for the day or a time period and they have won a prize. the prize is being dangled in front of them is cash. the people are very interested. >> reporter: but of course, there's a catch. and in this case it means tough give out your credit card number to cover $14.99 in shipping which should be a big red flag. >> if you are to pay up front to win something, it's not free and you didn't win it. >> reporter: you could become a victim of identity theft and lose cash if someone racks up charges on your card. the bbb warns it could happen on any call placed from a hard line. not just ones made to the cable company. >> it could literally happen anywhere and what we know is scam artists when they start
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conplace and it works they moving onto others. >> reporter: making a move to interrupt your call and cost money. joce sterman, abc2 news. the bbb says there's only been speculation so far about the scamers and they been able to hack into land lines but they want your credit card information so if you end up on a call like this, hang up and don't hand over your credit card information at all. it's 6:12 and kids in lacrosse, wisconsin found a way to cope with the summer heat. a local man bought oldbillboard signs and laid them out and turned the area into a giant slip and slide. and this one is for justin berk. the scorching temperatures now the wintery weather. can you believe in california there are people skiing in july justin is wiping back a tear. >> yes. >> but the pictures are from lake tahoe. thrill seekers sweeing -- squeezing in winter sports in the middle of summer. >> i can't believe it. >> it's weird being on snow.
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i am used to the sand. >> trying not to fall, but it's not working out so well. >> what is matter if you fall? a record 800 inches of snow from the past season and this was just what was left over. you heard the sniffles. that was justin wiping back a tear. >> it just is so beautiful. a lot of us are dreaming about that. teresa in lexington park got 2 inches of rain in yesterday's storms. a lot of rain coming out of this environment. 78 the latest temperature in baltimore compared to 74 in chicago. by the way, they had 7 to 8 inches of storms over the weekend with tremendous flooding dropping to the 60s from green bay northward and cooler. that's important and the source of the a. that -- air. that will be a major improvement. watching the flare-up of storms across ontario, and also scattered showers here across mid atlantic. but our frontal bondry is going
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to be slicing its way across the great lakes ahead of it sparking a line of showers and storms. and in this environment here, while the front is not going to cross the region until late tomorrow, we have a bunch of old boundaries and we get boundaries from old storms that fade away and you don't see them, they are little new onss that -- nuance that is need a tryinger to -- nuisances that need a trigger to keep going. and i mentioned that because anywhere those thrive this morning there's a potential likelihood for a thunderstorm. there will be a drop in humidity behind the frontal bondry twinge swinging -- bondry swinging on through -- boundary swinging on through. today, we are looking at storms and because the eastern flow and a little disturbance here ahead of the frontal boundary itself and line storms back to the weave. we were flare up some -- to the
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west. we will flare up some showers. watch this drop down and feed through the rest of our state. so all of us get in on some action today. some of you may get a lot more than others. but it should be more widespread than over the weekend. and, again, if the storms sit over one particular area for any length of time, it could be a bad thing. it could drop quite a few inches of rain and flooding is the biggest potential as opposed to severe threat with wind although any individual storm can produce its own strong winds and dangerous lightning. the front tries to push its way through over the next two evenings. there will be evening storms and then there will be another round of late afternoon and evening storms tomorrow. then the humidity takes a dive for at least a day or two. 92 today and that's a pull back from the 100s we have been at for much of the last week. developing down towards us by lunchtime and this afternoon,
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and this evening it will end. tomorrow at 92 again. 90 had feel good on wednesday. we are back with more heat and humidity upper 90s and more storms by the end of the week. tonya. >> reporter: we have volume out there. lots of cars on the road but no major incidents in your way. let's look at 95 north of 195 south of the city. heavier traffic is southbound to the right of the screen. no incidents reported northbound or on 195 to bwi. you should be fine. drive times are not affected. 83 southbound from shawan to the beltway 5 minutes, 6 minutes 95southbound from white marsh to the beltway. 7 minutes from 795 to 70 and bel air to providence just 6 minutes there. and as i said, we have just volume on the beltway. no major incidents. jfx is moving well southbound. megan. 16 minutes after 6. thanks. today a medical facility to help terminally ill children will open its doors in
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baltimore. it's first of its kind. dr. bob's place is a hospice for children and will offer in- patient treatment today. they accept patients 18 years and under. it's the only such facility for children on the east coast. on locate on north utah street. today, more than 100 critically ill children will have a day of fun in the sun. captains from the downtown sailing center and the pirate adventure will lawn. adventure at inner harbor. families can go sailing, discover tresh yews on board a pirate ship. it cocks -- treasures on on board a pirate ship. a 7-year-old virginia boy wrote a book about how a service dog could help him manage his epilepsy and his sister came up with the idea to sell the book to raise money to buy the dog. it's titled my seizure dog. evan has done the illustration and it's evan moss the author. he did the illustrations by
6:18 am
himself. the book represents his take on what that dog would do to help his life. >> the seizure dog will eat pizza with me. if i ever go to out of space, the seizure dog will come too. >> more importantly he knows the dog will alert his family if he is a life-threatening seizure caused by the epilepsy. they need $13,000 to get the service dog. one that is specially trained to meet the owner's specific needs. there's something fore about -- fish -- if there's something fore about your diet, -- fishy about your diet, that he had a -- that's a good thing. >> it's a good fat is because it tee crease inflammation in -- decreases inflammation in the body reducing the risk of developing inflammatory disease. >> the registered dietitian at the cleveland clinic says studies linked the decreased risk to high cholesterol and
6:19 am
depression. and they come from the tissue of fatty fishes like salmon and tuna and mackerel and herring and if you don't like fish or have a fish allergy, supplement it with fish oil capsules. baby boomers are rewriting the rules to retirement and there's one thing many are focusing on, staying healthy. earns teen shepherd says she used to be a couch poe tado but made a transition in -- toe pow tateo but made a tran -- potatoe but made a transition. she won 3 body buildingcompetitions. >> i think there is pretty good evidence that intensifies activity in middle age and even as people get to be 65 or 70 does slow down the aging process. >> 75 years old. >> she looks amazing. >> and an extreme example but all over the country retireees are returning to competitive sports to remain fit and healthy.
6:20 am
i will say it again. 75 years old. >> see the guns? >> see her abs? >> very impressive. stay with us this morning. authorities in somalia are asking for international intervention due to famine and drought. >> the united nations are on board but terrorist say they will stay in the way of any of those trying to save the people from it. most of this looks like a old bell but experts says it could be so much more. before we head to break, time for the picture of the day. look at this. we know it was hot over the weekend. and this guy has the right idea. meet elliot an english bulldog that lives in mount airy and found a way to beat the heat. if you have great photos -- photographs to share, pets, anniversary, morning show at get those into us with the pertinent facts so we can get it right when we share it with everyone around. you watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30.
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6:24. making news around the world this morning, new doubts about the plans to expand a high speed rail across china after a bullet train wreck kills 36 people. the railway minimums tar apologized to the -- minister apologized to the victims of the crash. a train rammed into a back of another one that stalled after being hit by lightning. 6 carriages derailed and four fell about 65 to 100 feet from a via duct. the devastating scene in somalia, famine victims seek food and shelter. wider regions are experiencing one of the worst droughts in 6 decades affecting thousands of families. many died from famine and a militant group says they will prevent international aide workers from entering the country if they are coming to
6:25 am
the territories controlled in southern somalia. thousands of protesters angry about economic woes have filled madrid's downtown square. it's the same spot where some camped out for three weeks in may. two years reef session left them with 21% unemployment and they are saturdayeled with debt. joblessness stand at 35%. some participants said they were considering continuing the march to brosels to keep the protests -- brussels to keep the protest in the public eye. the u.s. ambassador to afghanistan was sworn in today at american embassy in kabul. ryan crocker said the united states was not rushing to leave the country. and that what happens in the month ahead would have far- reaching congress -- consequences across the globe e says the united states has no interest in permanent base nighs afghanistan. >> we have no interest in --
6:26 am
basis in afghanistan. >> we have no interest of usingafghanistan to project influence in neighboring condition ris. >> he said he was confident after combat troops less left in 2014 the united states would be able to help prevent the stall bonn from returning to power. rare and special discovery a bell thought to be 2000 years old has been found during exda vation. -- consider excavation. when shaken it -- excavation. when shaken, it makes a distinctsound. they believe it would have been sown out of a garment worn by a high official or priest during the first century ad. it's 6:26. they -- there were loud andangry calls for another politician to step down. >> now nancy pelosi is calling for a ethics investigation into the representative. what he is saying about all this this morning. two men will have their day in court today for the unsportsmanlike behavior at its worst.
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>> reporter: with all the roadwork going on, i am linda so, why your commute might be about to get worse. ♪
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